About us

We exist to help “nudge” the world in the right direction and give consumers a voice.

We do this by:

  • Collecting and rating company environmental and corporate social responsibility data
  • Providing this data to consumers at the touch of a button via our forthcoming app
  • Feeding back to companies consumers reactions to their products

74% of consumers say that more information on a company’s social and ethical performance would influence their
purchasing decisions – but this information is hard to find in an easily accessible format

At the same time business is spending more time and money on sustainability and CSR but gets very little feedback
making it hard to quantify the effects of these efforts and justify change.

Circle Squared bridges this gap

Voice Your Values
coming soon

CSR/ESG information
at the touch of a

Gain access at the touch of a button to company’s CSR/ESG information

Scan / Search for products and get the information about the company that makes them

Works for online shopping via browser extension

Simple “one shot” profile provides ratings across four key categories:

1. Environment
2. Community
3. Supply Chain
4. Employer
(more about Data here)

All your actions in the app are fed back to companies. They will know what you think as you can tell us if you bought their product or not.

This encourages business to improve.

We will give 20% of our profits to charity. You can control where this money goes by voting for your favourite charity in the app!

We are taking a “crowd building” approach to the apps development.

You can take a look at what we have designed so far in the section below and let us know what you think.

Please also follow us on social media. The more support we get the easier it is for us to raise money to get this thing built!

The App Prototype

The smart way to develop any software is to make sure its potential users like its features.

To do this we build a Prototype which is a very basic version of the app.

It’s not supposed to be pretty, the design process comes later.

We are committed to building the app our community really wants.

Please click the link below and have a look – let us know which features are most important to you via our survey.

For Business

We know that the business community is doing more than ever before in the CSR / ESG area

However the public doesn’t have the time to examine each company’s website to absorb what can be many pages of information

We believe business has a key role to play in addressing the challenges of the 21st century. We wish to support the genuine efforts of the business community to do this.

We have created a unique app / browser extension that does this at the touch of a button

We feedback consumer behaviour in relation to the data and this allows you to plan more effectively

We encourage you to input your data into our system and you can already do this here. After all you know more about yourselves than we do!

Most companies scores improve when they do the input this is completely FREE!

We only rate companies on objective measurable data so there can be no misunderstandings. For more about our ratings system please go here

To discuss direct with us please get in contact business@circlesquared.com

How we Rate Companies

Circle Squared rates a range of items grouped into four categories for ease of display.

Environment, Giving, Good Employer and Supply chain.


Carbon footprint – what is the companies impact in terms of the amount of carbon it emits?

Water use – what is the companies impact in terms of the amount of water it uses?

Recycling – does the company recycle paper and plastics?

Palm Oil – palm oil has been associated with deforestation so we check that companies are using palm oil from a responsible source. More info here https://www.rspo.org/about


Gender pay gap
Percentage of women senior executive roles


Does the company give to good causes – if so how much?

Supply Chain

Does the company have sufficient checks within its procurement procedures to ensure that no one in its upstream supply chain is being abused?

  • Where does circle squared get its information?

    Circle squared mines information from a wide range of data sources. These include info published by the company itself, government records and news articles from respected sources. Companies are then invited to verify and maintain this information.

  • But what if the companies provide inaccurate information?

    Many of the items we report on are governed by law and inaccurate reporting would have legal consequences. We do some checking internally and invite members from the community to help with this. If you see something that looks wrong or inaccurate you can let us know and we will follow up.

  • How Does Circle Squared Rate Companies?

    Circle squared uses complex algorithms to turn objective measurable data into ratings however in all cases we examine the company’s policies, performance and level of transparency. Companies who have their information 3rd party verified are also given better ratings.

  • Why do you rate companies not products?

    Mostly because if a company had a few really good ecological products but lots of highly damaging ones would you still want to shop with them?

    Additionally most of the factors we rate apply at the company level for example, the gender pay gap is something that is measured company wide rather than associated with one particular product.

    It’s just not possible (yet) to get data on an individual products carbon footprint for example but we can tell you about the company that makes it.

For NGOs

We intend to give 20% of our profits away to good causes
Where the money goes will be voted on by our community

If your a charitable organisation and want to be included in the vote please register here

All we ask is that you let your supporters know you are working with us

All we ask is that you let your supporters know you are working with us

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